Pat R. Notaro III

Pat R. Notaro III was born and reared in Southern California where he procured his passion for cinematography, surfing and skateboarding.  Being a father of two with his wife Kameron, he also found his other love: children.  Pat's passion for extreme sports and children drive his professional and personal life.

A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, Pat quickly navigated his way through all positions in the camera department paying his dues. His hands-on approach to every frame on every job is what makes Pat stand out. His commitment and diligence can be witnessed as he prefers to pan a light or mount the camera head or sync the digital media himself rather than delegating and drinking a latte sitting on the dolly.  This practical approach to the work defines Pat as flexible, generous, talented and contemporary.  Check out Pat's work and you will see glorious images of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Pat's a modern DP & Director who infuses his own passion and life experience into his work.

Current efforts to better the planet include his formation of a Non Profit Organization called A Walk On Water. In 2000, Pat was introduced to Surfers Healing (another NPO) and volunteered extensively as a surf instructor. When Variety, The Children's Charity, decided to launch the first "Surfers Healing Pat Notaro Day" (currently in its 14th year and counting) in honor of his late father, Pat became more curious than ever.  How could he contribute?  How could he honor his late father?

Pat became immersed with the wonders of the ocean and it how it positively assisted and changed children with Special Needs, especially those with Autism.  After volunteering rigorously with two other Non Profits, Pat co-founded A Walk On Water in honor of his late father and his experiences working with families stricken with the epidemic of Autism.  A Walk On Water is based in Southern California and was formed in 2012:

Pat is a humanist who believes in people first.  His storytelling of people and his varied experience with extreme sports and children, make Pat a man you will never forget.  He tells stories that depict passion and emotion.